About Red Eagle Games

The Company

Based in Southern California, Red Eagle Games is an independent video game company undertaking the transformation of Jordan’s literary masterpiece "The Wheel of Time" into high-quality interactive gaming products for the personal computer, game consoles, mobile and wireless devices, and online play.

Our Mission

The video game business is in a state of explosive growth and is expanding faster than the respective markets for movies, music, television or gambling casinos. Red Eagle Games aims to become an industry leader in the development and global distribution of interactive entertainment for game consoles, personal computers, mobile handheld devices and wireless phones. The Company intends to address the needs of major market segments within the video game market, from intuitively designed games that invite play between family and friends, to the most intensive experience demanded by hard-core gamers. It is the mission of the Company to build a family of interactive products that will appeal to the hearts, imagination and competitive spirit of a global gaming audience.